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In a nutshell, Brenda Knowles (formerly Brenna Gee) is a highly sensitive writer mama.

That’s the persona that expresses who I am; an open listener, introspective, dreamy, expressive and a mom.

When I say highly sensitive I don’t mean I cry at the drop of a hat or tremble like a Chihuahua. I’m not even shy. What I mean is, I will sense the moods of the people in a room and be affected.

I am an introvert.

I feel music, art and nature deeply. I don’t do well if I am made to rush through life. I want to take it slow and absorb the experience. I love exploring new places and meeting new people but I will need a break between scenes. I gather energy in solitude. I have a rich inner life (daydreams, ideas,intuition) which makes it possible and preferable to live without constant external stimulation. Over-stimulate me (with noise, technology, hurrying, overscheduling, interruptions) and I am going to get overwhelmed and crabby and wish I could handle more.

Writing is the perfect outlet.

As a Mama,

I am the homemaker/guide to three curious, reckless, high
energy, beautiful children. I have two sons (15 and 13 years old) and a daughter
(11 years old). As a mom, I score points in the relationship category but
occasionally stink up the place when it comes to behavior modification or drill
sergeant skills. The kids and I do our best to live with and circumvent suburban-hamster wheel exhaustion, but sometimes we stumble. Of course, my love is always there. My dream is for the kids to someday benefit from my lack of hovering by becoming independent,
self-fulfilled human

I love: peoplebooks, sensuality, bodies of water, fitness, music (especially acoustic guitar), writing, traveling/wanderlust, quiet pleasures, walks in nature, bejeweled words like exquisite and euphoria, in depth conversation and wit.;)

I am recently divorced. I have no doubt that the journey after divorce will be just as beautiful as it has been in the past.

The sensitive, sensation seeking and mama aspects of me do not always mesh. I often scramble to even consider balance. It helps to think of the conflicts as writing material. My secret is to replace worry and frustration with creativity and gratitude. :)

The story I truly want to share about myself is: There is Nothing Wrong with You.  You’re an Introvert. 
Feel free to contact me privately at space2live@yahoo.com with any comments or feedback.  I readily admit I am a beginner at this.  I am very interested in learning how to engage and enrich you, the readers.  Thanks so much for your time and energy.:)  Always listening,   B

25 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Shouldn’t we say something is wrong with all of us and it’s okay. We must learn to love our imperfections and love others imperfections. Concentrate on perfecting love, loving completely those who don’t like or love us at all or for the moment. We can get caught up in what we are or what we are not. I feel when love ourselves and others we will continue grow into our full potential and help others to grow at least those that are on the path of being all that they can be.

    • I am in agreement with you regarding perfecting love or being love. If we can come from a place of abundance rather than lack, the world is better for it. If we let the light come through us and shine on others, then we all benefit.
      True, we all have imperfections but I don’t think introversion is one of them. I think it is simply our nature. There are inherent traits that come along with our nature that may feel like a hindrance at times but there are ways of accepting and working with them.
      Thank you for a thought provoking comment. I appreciate your wise insight.

  2. Hi Brenda! It’s truly amazing to read a description in an “about me” and feel such a connection. It’s funny that we can feel so uniquely ourselves (especially in a world of extroverts) and then stumble upon words that could have been snatched out of your own soul. I’ve just been on a little google hunt to discover other introvert bloggers out there, as I’ve just decided to create that outlet for myself- a little world away from my new and very extroverted life of marriage with two teenage step children. I am thankful for love and joy they bring to my life but boy is it exhausting to my introverted soul. Just reading a few minutes on here makes me feel a little better. Thank you! I look forward to reading more. I’m just getting started, but I’m over at http://www.marriedintroverts.com if you ever want to say hello :)

    • Hi! Thank you for reaching out. I took a tour of your blog. Excellent! I feel calm and at home there. You took on a new lifestyle for love. I will be interested to heart how you make it all work. I know it can be done. Introverts can be in long lasting loving relationships. It just takes a lot of awareness, respect and understanding from both parties.

  3. I love your website. As a mom of boys, twins, and introvert, and writer, I connect a lot with what you say. If it’s not already under way, your blog could make a great book. I blog mines too, the website How to blog a book helped me. Looking forward to read your posts!

    • Thank you for the encouragement regarding book compilation. I actually own the book, How to Blog a Book, but sadly have found it difficult to do the work and get the book organized. I truly want to. I am working on discipline and structure in order to make it happen.:)

      What topics would you like to see in my book? Parenting? Relationships? Personal growth? Ways to gain energy? I’m always interested in hearing from thoughtful and awake readers.

      Thank you again for your kind words and book nudge.;)

  4. I want to thank you for all of your fabulous posts. Please keep writing. Out of all the information out there on introversion, I continue to turn to your site. I’ve been inhaling literature on the subject, as I recently discovered I was an introvert. This new perception of myself is life changing. I look forward to more great posts from you. Each one helps me see life in a new, better way. : )

    • I’m so excited for you! I went through that delicious learning and validation. It’s so nice to know you are not alone in your introverted needs, isn’t it? I’ll keep writing. I don’t think I can stop.;) It’s therapeutic for me to share my experiences.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out. I love connecting.

  5. I have recently discovered your website via a friend and so thank you for the validation. I am old enough now to know that I am not crazy or mentally unstable, just sensitive and at time, highly so. I too have worked at learning to “extrovert” in order to “fit-in” at times and protect myself at others or “sell” myself more. Hogwash!!
    I’m afraid I have done this at the cost of my true-self and so as I mature in midlife, I am having a sort of renaissance and returning to my true-self with a new appreciation. A celebration, not just of me, but all of us in the tribe. One, it feels more authentic, but two, the world really does need more sensitive souls to balance out all the others. Thank you for putting such energy into this topic, you are a gifted writer, indeed. Also the reminder to reread Elain Aaron’s HSP books. Another good one of late is, “Quiet, the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking” by Susan Cain.
    Anyway, have a good day. M

    • I am thrilled you are vividly living as yourself in a beautiful renaissance fashion. I agree the world does need sensitive souls to help the warriors filter and appreciate. May we all learn to celebrate our softer sides.

      I read Susan Cain’s book as soon as it hit the shelves. Loved it. The ultimate in validation. She has a lot of research to back up her points. Well done and fascinating.

      Thank you for recognizing the energy I lovingly put into this topic. Writing is my therapy. Speaking of, I saw on your website that you are a counselor. Your book and description of your intentions as a guide intrigue me. Interesting that you have a masters in divinity. Your work sounds like my dream work. I am sure your sensitivity is of great use in your practice.

      I appreciate your thoughtful comment.

    • I enjoyed perusing your blog as well. I love Brenda Ueland. I discovered her about 7 years ago and she has been my writing guide/guru/guardian angel ever since.

      Your poem, Let the Dreamer Dream, is extraordinary. Keep those streams of purity flowing.

  6. Hi Brenna: You could be describing me :-) Btw, am a budding student of vedic astrology, and the reason I like to be around great bodies of water is because I have 4 planets in water signs in my chart (3 in Pisces and 1 in Cancer). I find it soothing when I am near a lake, ocean or river – brings me back to center – always. Makes me incredibly sensitive to people (like you not weepy but deeply intuitive and responsive to energies of people around me).

    Also have Venus in Taurus – a very earthy sign and therefore very sensitive to touch. Also to beauty, music, art, literature – pre-disposes me to peak experiences in the midst of Nature and all things natural.

    The spontaneity of a child, the flapping wings of a butterfly, a vibrant rainbow, the innocence of unaffected behavior, dewdrops on the grass at dawn, the leaping flames from a bonfire, a gentle mist, raindrops on a wintery morning, the warmth of the tropical sun – I can easily get lost in the sensual enjoyment of color, waft, weave, tapestry, aesthetic, form and structure.

    Its like being high on life – constantly. Vedic texts give it the name of “ananda” or bliss :-)

    I enjoyed your writing. More power to you.

    • Oooh we are kindred spirits! Your writing is lovely btw. So happy to meet you. It’s wonderful to find someone who sees their sensitivity as the gift that it is. Being prone to peak experiences is incredible, yes? Thank you so much for reading and leaving your beautiful thoughts.

  7. I also like bodies of water, particularly moving water (like streams and the ocean). No idea why. I’ve never met anyone else who would put that on their list of loves. Neat!

    • I could sit for hours by the water. I grew up near a stream and I have always felt so wonderful when near the sea. I especially love oceanside walks early in the morning. Thanks for commenting.:)

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