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space to be

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In those choices lie our growth and happiness. -Viktor Frankl

If you’ve ever felt outdone because you weren’t outgoing enough or overwhelmed because you tried to juggle multiple projects like everyone else, then you will feel at home here.  Space2live is for people who process and absorb life deeply. We need space in our world to feel music, hear stories, listen with our whole beings.  But space2live is not limited to introvert readership.  Ideally, this site will generate compassion and empathy for ourselves as well as an understanding and appreciation of all temperaments.

There is a genuine search for meaningful by way of experience with and research into:

  •  Introversion
  • Divorce
  • Sensuality
  • Parenting
  • Self-Actualization

As our world becomes increasingly fast-paced and stimulating, the ability to pay attention and experience the richness of life that comes from reflecting on nature, art, music, and relationships, diminishes.  Space2live is where you will find beauty and value in living introspectively. At space2live the sincerest desires are to support those who feel out of sync with the louder-bigger-faster set and to reveal the gifts found by looking within.

Through relationships, self-awareness and vulnerable yet fearless action, life unfolds.  

Space2live.net is a combination of celebrating stillness and living vividly.  It’s a place to recreate the freedom of childhood, when we had time to look inside ourselves and the space to revel in the world.

It’s where we intentionally reflect on core passions: art, nature,writing, reading, relationships,family, traveling, self-realization and spirituality.

Feel free to slow down, hideout from overwhelming schedules, and express your innermost thoughts here.  We need quiet and space to recharge, quench curiosity and access creativityWe need it to feel deep satisfaction.

**Three posts to give you the deepest sense of what space2live is about: There’s Nothing Wrong with You.  You’re an Introvert, Soul Painting: Beyond Artistic Talent ,and Pay Attention. Reflect. Be. The Essence of Space2live and a Letter of Love to My Dad.

If you like what you find at space2live, please join our email list by signing up at the top right hand side of the home page.  Thank you!


Feel free to contact me personally at space2live@yahoo.com with  comments or feedback.  I readily admit I am a beginner at this.  I am very interested in learning how to engage and enrich you, the readers.  Thanks so much for your time and energy.:)   Always listening,  B

8 thoughts on “About Space 2 Live

  1. To whom it may concern

    Where is the origin of the image of the woman silhouette with butterflies off her shoulder? Who is the artist?


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  3. I was not allowed to ride with my Dad on his motorcycle: My brother was 13 months older, and apparently it was inappropriate to ride three deep. I always got the shaft.

  4. Brenda! How cool! Thanks for the invite to check out your blog. This sounds very interesting and I’m quite intrigued. I did enter in the web address of my own blog, which isn’t currently updated or overflowing with entries, but I’m not sure if it’ll show up or not. If it does, I’d be honored if you’d also check out mine! Maybe this will motivate me to update it and get back to writing it.

    Awesomesauce. Here’s to your inner house plant. :)


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